“Céline gave a 40 min talk (plus a Q&A session) here at the BBC on “Building inclusivity into the new Carbon programming language”.
Céline was a delight to work with, was utterly professional and engaging throughout the process. Her talk was very well-received both within the software development community and the wider BBC staff, appealing to folk interested in technology as well as those keen to build more inclusive communities.
If you are looking to create an inclusive environment, then you should definitely speak to Céline. Her advice is pure gold.”
Jim Downie,
Portfolio Manager at BBC

“It’s really a privilege to being mentored and coached by @ClearingTheWay_
[a.k.a. Céline Dedaj]! Thanks!”

Hana Dusíková,
Scientist at Avast Software,
ISO C++ Study Group for Compile-Time Programming Chair,
Czech National Body in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 (Programming Languages) and
WG21 (C++ Committee) 

“thank you for everything you’ve been doing for Carbon — you’ve been amazingly helpful ^_^”
Lexi Bromfield,
Senior Software Engineer at Google

Céline is a master of asking the right questions, even if they hurt, and knows how to structure complex development projects. She knows how much language matters, and does so in at least four languages. And she brings to the table two essential skills in this area: disarming candour and fearless courage.”
Florian von Hoyer,
COO at MusicHub

Olga Saraiva,
Training and Development Specialist

“Céline has a strong way of asking questions and giving you precisely the feedback you ask for, while pointing out improvements and flaws you might have missed.
Céline made the process about thinking about my personal ToDo reorganisation enjoyable and fun, while never shying away from pointed and hard questions.

Florian Gilcher,
CEO at Ferrous Systems and
Member of the Rust Berlin board

“Céline helped me with her coaching ability to change the focus in my CV from my career in the international Music Biz to my new Agile Live (According to my real live). Together we established the process of how we can work together in a creative way, so that I can start thinking outside the box. Thank you, Céline, I’m so happy with the fantastic result!”
Barbara Hallama,
Scrum Master and Agile Coach

Markus Frieauff,
Member of Oxfam Germany’s Governance Board

“She always asks the hard questions on important subjects, keeping an focus on what matters. Céline directly influenced a lot of thinking, and resulting best practices in our hiring teams, ensuring Ableton hired from a diverse, high quality applicant pool. Céline was an ambassador for the company, and the rewards of her outreach work are still felt there today. Would recommend.”
Neil Burdock,
[then] Head of Software Engineering at Ableton

“Oft treffen ihre Analysen ins Schwarze und sie schafft es, zu motivieren und neue Wege aufzuzeigen.”
Frank Lymann,
[then] Managing Director at Thomann Code & Cookie Factory

„Céline is an awesome person, a critical thinker with a big heart, not afraid and always engaged with addressing and tackling the complex problems that people in organisations have. Not the technical ones but the people problems.(…)
I found these sessions very beneficial for my well-being and for making relevant progress.(…)

Till Richter,
Principal User Researcher at Ableton

“a thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent person(…) Hire her and you’ll see the positive changes to your internal communication and processes.”
Frank Cifarelli,
Product Communications Manager at Ableton

“Céline has worked at Meeting C++ in the fields of Event Organization and Diversity. She has been responsible for laying the basic structure of the processes of the code of conduct handling at Meeting C++. I know her as an independently working, highly motivated and positive person.”
Jens Weller,
Owner of Meeting C++

“Céline was able to provide critical consultation and advice regarding a diversity scholarship initiative for the Audio Developer Conference.(…)

Josh Hodge,
Owner of The Audio Programmer

“Celine is very professional, efficient and always responsive and communicative. It’s been a pleasure working with her in my role at ROLI producing the Audio Developers Conference(ADC).”
Sophie A. Carus,
Managing Partner at Boston Events

„Mit Celine zu arbeiten war eine sehr große Freude. Sie hat sich in kurzer Zeit in ein Thema, dass viel Feingefühl und Kommunikationsgeschick zwischen Entwicklern und Projektleitern eingearbeitet und dabei einen fabelhaften Job gemacht. Sie ist eine Bereicherung für jedes Team.”
Andreas Rotter,
Software Developer

„Céline Dedaj ist eine sehr offene, freundliche und fröhliche Zeitgenossin.(…) Sie sucht und findet stets nach Möglichkeiten wie man etwas noch besser und effizienter gestalten kann.”
Thomas Kölling,
Software Developer

„Céline is brilliant at moderating conversations between developers and the management.(…) Céline is a very socially skilled person and truly concerns herself with everyone’s well-being. And most importantly, having her around is a whole lot of fun, too!”
Jan Bölsche,
Software Architect and
Co-Founder, Mentor and CTO at she.codes 

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr ist für mich sehr fruchtbar, wertschätzend und von einem konstruktiven Austausch geprägt. Wem Menschlichkeit wichtig ist, der ist bei Céline Dedaj in guten Händen.”
Stephan Frederik Becker,
ScrumMaster and Trainer

„Shout out to Céline Dedaj for being an endless source of energy and smiles!”
Amy Dickens,
Accessibility Specialist