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I have extensive experience in the technology sector and human resources, and formal education in political science, intercultural mediation, and agile coaching.

Ethical Leadership

Effective DEI requires an intersectional approach that is often only seen as feasible in the non-profit sector. To help you navigate this complexity, I work with you to build customised roadmaps. As a competent and approachable guide, I am at your side on this journey.

Company Culture Check

I study your company’s culture and values, and identify the barriers and obstacles faced by people who want to join and stay on your team. I also help you draw up a roadmap to improve talent attraction, acquisition, and retention, and guide you along the way.

Tools and Guidelines

I co-design customised tools and guidelines to help you create more psychological safety within your organisation, help people with diverse backgrounds feel welcome, and enable the whole team to thrive through mutual inspiration.

Executive Coaching

I help you identify potential complex culture clashes. When they do happen, I can assist you with working through them. I also offer mediation for existing conflicts.

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Céline has supported Zebralution in making the first and next steps on the everlasting journey of creating and nurturing a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace. As she herself puts it, to have a beautiful garden “you need to plant the seeds and give them time to grow”, while taking care of the watering, pruning and, of course, general design. Céline is a master of asking the right questions, even if they hurt, and knows how to structure complex development projects. She knows how much language matters, and does so in at least four languages. And she brings to the table two essential skills in this area: disarming candour and fearless courage.

Florian von Hoyer, COO @ MusicHub

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