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Professional event organiser and Code of Conduct team leader for conferences since 2015, including Meeting C++, CPPP, C++ on Sea, Ableton & Friends Tech Summit, the Audio Developer Conference, CppCon, C++Now…

More Welcoming Events

I help diversify international programming conferences (in person and online).

Code of Conduct implementation

I help you choose, communicate, and implement an appropriate code of conduct for your event, building a code of conduct team and taking care of incident reports during the event.

More diverse content

I help you attract speakers from more diverse backgrounds to make your event’s line-up even more attractive to potential attendees.

A more diverse community

I help you attract volunteers and attendees from more diverse backgrounds, make your community more welcoming and your event more enjoyable for everyone.

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Céline has worked at Meeting C++ in the fields of Event Organization and Diversity. She has been responsible for laying the basic structure of the processes of the code of conduct handling at Meeting C++. I know her as an independently working, highly motivated and positive person.

Jens Weller, C++ Evangelist & online job fair organizer,
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